THC Role Descriptions & Volunteering

The Club appreciates neighbor volunteering, which can be for any of the roles listed below, provide assistance to a committee chair or on an event basis.

RoleBrief DescriptionFull Description
PresidentThe President serves as the Chief Executive Officer, presides at all meetings and performs other duties as assigned.[Link to Full Description]
Vice PresidentThe Vice President shall, in the absence of the President, assume all the duties of the President and share all responsibilities, as needed.
SecretaryThe Secretary shall keep accurate minutes of all THC meetings and perform such other duties as may be required.
TreasurerThe Treasurer shall be responsible for all monies collected in connections with the operation of THC, disperse monies as budgeted and report the Club's financial status.
ParliamentarianThe Parliamentarian shall be charged with the responsibility of maintaining parliamentarian order at meetings and assisting other officers in conducting business.
Member-at-LargeThe Member-at-Large shall be a liaison between the membership and the Executive Committee.
AdvisorThe Advisor shall be the immediate past President.
Communications CommitteeThe Communications Committee shall be responsible for writing, publishing & distributing THC newsletter and directory,
Social CommitteeThe Social Committee shall plan and direct all social activities of the Club.
Hospitality CommitteeThe Hospitality Committee shall welcome new neighbors and implement a good-neighbor policy to aid neighbors in need; coordinate with the Communications Committee in the delivery of publications and keep the Executive Committee updated on all personnel changes in the neighborhood.
Beautification CommitteeThe Beautification Committee shall be responsible for maintaining the entrance beautification and supervising all exterior neighborhood programs.
SecurityThe Security Committee shall update and revise the Neighborhood Watch Program and report current security events to the Club.
LiaisonThe Liaison Committee shall correlate events and problems of THC, act as the Club's representative at other neighborhood associations and government meetings.

If you are interested in volunteering please complete the Resident Volunteering Interest Questionnaire by clicking here or you may contact the President at with any questions or concerns.