The Highlands Club


In 1969, residents organized a neighborhood social club named The Highlands Club. This volunteer organization coordinates and sponsors neighborhood events and serves as a liaison for community interests. Club membership is open to all subdivision homeowners and residents. The annual membership fee is minimal.
Officers and Committee Chairs meet monthly on second Tuesdays (with few exceptions). All residents are allowed and encouraged to attend these Board meetings, but are asked to notify the Club President as a courtesy.
The Communications Committee distributes quarterly newsletters which include committee reports, social event announcements and other items of interest. In addition, the Club President distributes periodic news bulletins, the Security Liaison keeps neighbors informed of safety/security issues, and the General Liaison informs the Board of important community events. The Hospitality Committee welcomes new residents (including babies) to the neighborhood and cards are sent to neighbors who are ill or bereaved. The Beautification Committee keeps our main entrances looking nice with annual plantings and periodic clean-ups. And, finally, the Social Committee leads the effort for social activities and depends on volunteers to make these happen.
As you can see, we are quite active for such a small subdivision. This is made possible by the collaboration of volunteers and the minimal annual dues. We encourage residents to be involved by participating and volunteering, as well as sharing ideas and suggestions.
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[Note to Residents:  The Club is working on creating additional pages that will only be accessible by using a resident login.]